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Message Subject I want to be dominated....so badly
Poster Handle andreidita
Post Content
a little story for you:

The soul is your galactic memories. It holds within all the joys and sorrows, all the blissful moments. It also holds the memory of your lost brothers, the sacrifice of which holds the fire keep going. It also has a mission, and the power within must be brought forth. This is the purpose of yoga, to attain soul perfection, to be in harmony with all that there is and to be on the supply side of love. Therefore the key to perfection is a pure and clean heart. Prayer and meditation are the tools used by the soul to purify its altar and place of manifestation. The mind, which reigns over the personality complex, is the first dweller on the threshold, the daemon within. It is in truth a green dragon of ancient memories who lies dormant inside. The one who renounces mind, is not one who becomes a mindless fiend, but one who sets himself free from the rule of the mind. It is one who tames the beast, it is one who becomes the dragon. But, beware for the weak and unprepared mind that unleashes the dragon, because he will set fire upon the land of the living. Do not try to be a beast master if you are afraid of animals and cannot understand their tongue.
Do not trade your soul for stuff from outside, that promises you happiness. It is just an illusion, and the door to the real world lies beyond. Ask yourself sincerely during a conversation if your soul is in full manifestation, if that is the best you can do on this time and place. And if you comfort yourself with a cigarette, letting your soul to shout on the inside, then you again play the role of the jailer.
It is said that the moon is the prison of the soul, that it is the old earth which provided the materials for the new one, that it holds all of our attachments to what has been and could have been, but now it cannot be, forever and ever. The moon is the gate to our dream of the perfect past, of all our failures towards our yearnings. Therefore to set free your soul, you have to befriend the jailer, you have to become the jailer and to understand him. You have to become your moon and you will know the place of your prison.
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