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Message Subject I want to be dominated....so badly
Poster Handle andreidita
Post Content
also you have to be aware that true submission is of the animal instinct before the light of the soul.

the highest form happens within, soul alchemy

sexual desire submitting to the purity of love

it is not by chance the sexual desire is mars, and love is venus

submission achieved through outer form of the body is a lesser one

and it is only a first step

as long as there is craving, you are still caught in the astral realm of desire

you have been born in the body of a women so as to achieve the full manifestation of the power of love

feminine mysteries are long buried in the soul of women

sensuality is the gateway that has to be used to raise fallen ones to the higher astral realms

vestal virgins

sacred sexuality

remember what you really are

[link to www.moondance.org]
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