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Message Subject I want to be dominated....so badly
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
no it means that it is a whole new experience one that i've always dreamed of and all this time that i thought i wanted to be in control i have secretly all my life wanted to be taken...in every way imaginable and i don't know how to show him that this is what i want without words...
 Quoting: *Asherah*

I've encountered, shall we say, "hopes" like yours (or two ;)
The right guy will know immediately how to grant that wish.

Some of the more generous offers I've amused dropped for me the subtlest of clues.

Not trying to be sarcastic when I can assure you the following invitation never fails to get my attention: if when the time is right for you mentally, physically, dress like a lady, sit across from him in a skirt (matters not the place). Be sure to not wear any underwear. Be sure to "let him know" you're not wearing any underwear...

This works with, a confident man, with a surprising shortage of words...
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