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Message Subject I want to be dominated....so badly
Poster Handle andreidita
Post Content
I thank you for this as i know the hidden things in this area. Have been taught very well. Maybe even the author of it myself living through its word:)
 Quoting: *Asherah*

the man you yearn for is an archetype...
and it might as well be instantiated in the man you speak of...
deep love without even a touch or kiss...
only you know in your heart if he is different from ordinary men...

this story came to mind:
"M aria Magdalena was so much in her personality life. She was acclaimed as one of the most beautiful women of her time and she was admired by all. She was admired by political leaders as well as by the government officials. They were all loving her and she also believed that they were loving her, until she met Jesus.

H er personality was very big. She was living in a great vanity and great riches; she was wielding much power in the government and in the political circles. All the influential people in town were her admirers. They were feeling that a look by her was a great favour done to them. She used to move in the streets in a glorious palanquin. People used to look at her in a great admiration as if the queen was moving . She used to enjoy such situations. She used to shower her blessings by looks. People were feeling : "Ah, she looked at me". That was the stature she enjoyed.

O ne day when she was moving in the streets in a gait, she saw Jesus walking along with his disciples. Jesus was very handsome man. He was in the vigour of his youth in his 30th year. The one great damage that people has done to him, is to picturize him as a sad looking man, as if he never smiled. Jesus was a smiling beauty of his time , spreading radiance from every part of his body. His forehead distinctly carried a golden hue in the shape of a bud, in between the eyebrows. Such a person was walking on the other side of the street when Maria Magdalena was moving in her palanquin. All people looked at her with admiration. Jesus did not. But she looked at him; she felt hurt and thought: "Why this man did not look at me?". She was accustomed to people looking at her with admiration. She now encounters a situation where a man did not care for her. Naturally she was hurt and she made note of him.

T hat is how Jesus made his first impression. The same situation repeated for a second time and Maria Magdalena gained a still deeper impression. She asked her maiden if she knew who was the handsome man who did not look at her. The maiden made inquiries and reported that Jesus was a kind of mystical person who teaches the gospel and seemed not to care for anything else. Maria Magdalena was recollecting Jesus all the time and was asking herself if he did not love her or, at least, like her.

O ne day Maria Magdalena was standing on the balcony of her house, looking around in the evening light. Suddenly she found Jesus seated under the cypress tree across the garden, near the gate. She felt encouraged and started thinking if he would be coming in or if she should go out. She would have liked him to come in, but he just sat at the gate. Maria Magdalena was in conflict thinking: "has he come for me, or is he just taking rest on his way?". These thoughts were moving inside her. She became rest less. The man about whom she was thinking all the time was at her gate, but she was not sure if he would come in or not. Her vanity did not allow her to go out and invite him in. She spoke to her maiden and the maiden replayed: "Why don't you go to him and invite him? Instead of suffering inside about him, better go and meet him there". M aria Magdalena thought for a while and then walked out. As she walked towards Jesus, Jesus walked towards her and said: "Maria, I love you". She felt happy and comforted. But Jesus did not stop at it, further said: "Maria, I love you; others do not". Then she was in confusion and asked him for an explanation. The Master again said: "You have many lovers, and yet I alone love you. Other men love themselves in your nearness. I love you in your self. Other men see a beauty in you that shall fade away sooner than their own years. But I see in you a beauty that shall not fade away. I alone love the unseen in you. All men love you for themselves; I love you for yourself. They want your body and you think that they are loving you. If you deny them your body, they will hate you and turn against you".

M aria Magdalena could not believe it at first. She thought that they were all her real admirers in all planes. Then she thought to put it to a test. She started not being available any more for anybody. She stopped admitting people into her house. A big government officer came to the house and his entrance was denied; he felt offended as well. Thus, the government officer felt offended, the military officer felt offended, the politician felt offended, the police officer felt offended, the tax officer felt offended, the businessman felt offended! All the offended men called for a meeting and because of the insult they had suffered, they declared her to be a prostitute. Before that, she was not considered so, because of the insult they had suffered, they declared so, because all their wishes were fulfilled. She was treated as a very important person. But now that she denied her body and emotion to them, they have declared her to be a prostitute! For that purpose they invited a priest and told him to apply the Law of Moses upon her, which meant to stone her to death in public. The judgement was passed!

F rom a grand personality life, Maria Magdalena was reduced to be a prostitute on the streets. She could no more live in the big house; she had to move out to the streets, and the same people who used to look at her with admiration, started to throw stones at her.

T he day came where she was to be stoned to death. While they wanted to start stoning her, Jesus came and offered his body as a protection to her and said unto them: If you are all righteous men, How did she become a prostitute? How can a woman become a prostitute unless men misbehave? The one who did not misbehaved with her is only eligible to stone her". The power of the statement of the Master stunned the people who wanted to stone her and they left. Once again Jesus told her: "Maria, I love you; others do not". Then, she understood-here is a man who offered his life to protect her, while he does not need her body. There are the others, who wanted to use the law to their advantage and put her to death when she refused to offer her body! The naked truth struck her like a thunderbolt."
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