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Message Subject I want to be dominated....so badly
Poster Handle ANHEDONIC
Post Content
Oh my god the love of my life was dominant....and he was the first to teach me.....i was so dominant myself in certain areas and would never listen......i need to learn how to be submissive to a man i think that it is the last lesson in my life to learn....
 Quoting: *Asherah*

I had the most dominant man in my life and he and i could never be....he taught me so much and dominated me endlessly....i can't forget it, i crave it and will forever...
 Quoting: *Asherah*

Um, so you already had this type of relationship with the 'love of your life' and you can't forget it? Is it possible that the reason you are seeking out this type of relationship with a new man is because (maybe subconsciously) you wish to recreate those specific memories/feelings from the previous relationship? If that's the case then it sounds like you don't have a psychological need to be in this type of relationship with any man but unresolved inner conflict from a previous experience. You may find a great guy who doesn't feel comfortable or want to treat you the way you currently desire, and that's not a good reason to let it interfere with what otherwise could be a healthy relationship. Work on figuring out why you feel this way and get to the heart of the matter, then see how you feel.

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