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Message Subject I want to be dominated....so badly
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
no it means that it is a whole new experience one that i've always dreamed of and all this time that i thought i wanted to be in control i have secretly all my life wanted to be taken...in every way imaginable and i don't know how to show him that this is what i want without words...
 Quoting: *Asherah*

OP, if you havent done it all by age 25-30 then forget about it. Leave the wild sex to the young.. When you get older, sex is just a warm the body and a release cause you have hobbies now and a life

Youll just crash and burn with depression if youre trying to reach out for whatever you didnt get when young.

When I was young, I had the sex that porn movies are about, now that Im over 40 I look forward to studying and travel and spending time with those I care about, Seriously, we have to grow up.

That is so sad. You never should have to lose a healthy sex life.
 Quoting: J-Honey

Thats what I mean, when youve already had a sex life, you dont crawl onto a public forum begging for it..
And OP is no spring chicken, trust me. Ive advised her before on her situation.

A healthy sex life does not pimp out and beg on a public forum such as this..

Well I agree there. Can't understand the purpose of the post. It was odd.
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