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Message Subject I want to be dominated....so badly
Poster Handle Debauchery
Post Content
Well, who are you to even call OP´s issue shit?
If it has been a release for her to tell this, then this thread was by no means unnecessary.

Primarily I would always assume an honest intention by somebody, even if this isn´t so clear to see at first sight.

So maybe a bit more tactcfulness would do no harm, I guess.

When you post your shit on a public forum you make it everyone elses bizz.

This thread was unnecessary.

TMI people..TMI!
 Quoting: Debauchery

 Quoting: Artaius

It was unnecessary. There are many other forums all over the internet that cater to kink. This isn't one of them.

You can't put your "shit" out there and get pissed when someone responds in a way you don't approve of.

You said it was no ones business and again I will tell you that when you create a thread on a public forum and you ask for input, you've just made it everyone's business, and you've given me an opening to speak my mind, even calling your thread shit if I see it that way.

It's called an OPINION. It obviously differs from yours, doesn't make it any less valid.
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