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Message Subject I want to be dominated....so badly
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I would just like to say one.....i understand where this all came from, i don't want to be hurt, whipped, tied up, beaten, none of that that most thought i was reffering to, i guess i was misleading with the words..
Two......i long to be ALL....Everything!!! i long to lay down at the feet of my love and be all for him....

I"ve had a real problem all my life with being on top and not giving over everything that i am for anyone or anything, because it made me feel weak and that i was giving over something that would not be recongnized and cherished....but it's finally happened....

After all my life i have met someone in whom i see a great power in and he takes my breath away....he knows how to run the show with true power, but with compassion also, and he and i fell inlove. He knows what i am, and i know his place and yet we look at each other with such love that there is never any need for words because we are each others mirror.

for the first time in my existance i feel that i have finally found myself.
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