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The point of a Man's life is to have as many women as possible

Logic Mechanic
User ID: 16080783
United States
11/18/2012 03:08 AM
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The point of a Man's life is to have as many women as possible
If it was not the point of life, would it hurt so bad then so good?twirl
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 25825617
United States
11/18/2012 03:11 AM
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Re: The point of a Man's life is to have as many women as possible
If it was not the point of life, would it hurt so bad then so good?twirl
 Quoting: Logic Mechanic 16080783

User ID: 27803051
Bosnia and Herzegovina
11/18/2012 03:14 PM
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Re: The point of a Man's life is to have as many women as possible
men as a whole are not more shallow than women, which means ur thread title must be wrong.

men are however more esasily manipulated by the controllers of this world because of one simple fact,

they have all the power.

men have political power and physical power.

it's hard not to get drunk on that power and never abuse it.

before eve "sinned" with Lucifer, adam and eve were equals.

god knew exactly what he was doing when he made adam eve's keeper after she slept with Lucifer.

Lucifer was gone, eve could not count on his help anymore, but she wasn't afraid of Jehova, she told him he has no power over her anymore.

so god reinvented the idea of the world he wants to create.

he invented the world in wich eve came from adam's rob(complete fallacy), and where adam "had power over eve".

a world in which adam, hence men had all the important kind of power, political one and physical one.

this he did for one purpos and one purpos only to break eve's spirit.

there is also one other thing that factors in, Lucifer was planning to come back as human, giving men power over things in this world, rather then women played well in god's plan to break eve.

he was determined to brak her himself, before Lucifer even comes back, that's why he invented time, but if it so happens that he fails, it would be easier to manipulate Lucifer to break eve, coz Lucifer will have the political and physical power over eve, and at any time if he decided to use it agaisnt her, he will surely break eve's spirit, coz eve never expected such things from Lucifer, she thought he wasn't capable of stooping so low, that he was stronger than that.

god then procided to reincarnate eve, coz he invented reincarnation with this new hellish world he made to punish eve, he wld reincarnate her, torture her and tell her how Lucifer was bad, much worse then god himslef and she should kill him.

eve refused to learn how is it she is suppose to kill Lucifer, but she suffered a lot, and wasn't sure Lucifer was as good of a guy as she wanted to believe.

eve decided to stay away from Lucifer to avoid two things.

being somehow used by god to kill him.

finding out he was as evil as god was.

apaprently one cannot avoid it's destiny and eve met lucifer in the end.

things took many wrong turns, and Lucifer finished what god has began, he broke eve.

there was nothing left of eve, her spirit or nature, she was a broken down woman with no hope of ever escaping pain and horror she was in.

many men will not be strong enough to hear this, but story of human nature, and male nature, and female nature is really story of eve and lucifer, and even more importantly it's a story of two beings very much in love with each other, their dificulties, their sad destiny, the fact that female counterpart was taken, stolen from the male, and he did EVERYTHING in his power to find her and liberate her from slavery she ended up in, only to end up being the one who broke her spirit.

as humans we have a body, which can now last only about 80 years on averege, before it ditiorrates and breaks, we have a soul which is a corupt, very imperfect part of us, that constantly has to be worked on by the spirit, lest we become evil, and we have the spirit, the perfect infaluble, incoruptible part of us.

beofore Lucifer became human, they could hurt eve's body, and her soul, eve is a very strong person, she would always find a way to heal. Lucifer was the only one who hurt eve's spirit, eve did not even know that was possible, she grew to believe that no one can hurt her spirit, that her spirit was invincible, this made eve fierce and strong and it was the only reason she managed to escape getting broken in by god and his little helpers, Lucifer hurt the place inside eve that nobody could ever even reach, let alone break.

eve is not sure she can ever recover from that.

eve spent the last year as a broken down creature who would have gladly pushed some comsmic erase button and erased herself completely from having ever existed, but unfortunately that is not a likely option from eve, since she is still around, much to her horror.

some men have problems with being only supportive roles in this drama, and envy Lucifer greatly, forgetting that anything is possible and what they think they want and Lucifer will get, might not play out exactly so and they might end up getting that, (whatever it isthey think they want, whether it's eve they think they want, or status she will bring after the war is one, and the glory), but maybe they will too realize that they got what they wanted, but not what they really needed.

men need to set their egos aside and not look at thing in a manner, "leading role", "supportive role", everyone should discover what his role in all of this is, and play it to the best of his abilities.

eve needs to stop listening to her parents, people in her past, and gorrila men from her movement and stop thinking she couldn't possible be that important.

eve is the most important person in this universe, and however much her mom and dad beat her to make her afraid to even think that, and however many times god tried to humiliate her and made her think he could do better than her, knowing that he don't really mena that but she might start believing he does, and no amtter how many times gorillas from her own movement said she thought too highly of herself, eve IS the most importan person in this universe, and she should own it and start acting like someone as importan as her should, as a risponsible, matture, super human she is, or will be after someone teaches her to be more than ordinary human.

the trouble with that is eve is broken down, but that should not, that cannot stop her from trying.

eve's only fault is she is this much important, so important people cannot handle that and do wahtever they can to act and pretend like they don't need her.

everyone needs eve, there is no end to this war without eve, coz not only is Lucifer in it just to win eve back, god is too.

whoever has what god treasures the most on his side has the ultimate advantige, think about that for a while till it sinks in.

that's about the gist of things i hope my spelling will be eligable enough for people who should understand this post to be able to make out what i was attempting to write, i have no intention of reading this again and again just to indulge gorillas.