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American's being controlled by Big Brothers and Big Business and there are idiots falling for it.

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United States
11/18/2012 05:26 AM
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American's being controlled by Big Brothers and Big Business and there are idiots falling for it.
I cannot believe how many American's and I mean STUPID AMERICAN'S fall for the political BS with mind control and modern technology. These stupid American's think 'We are on top of the world with all these new gadgets' of internet, mobile devices, etc. There is a reason for all these gadgets and citizens do not stop to ask themselves why these modern gadgets and why they are so readily available to anyone. They do not stop to think how their privacy is or has been ripped away and also how the government can get information about them and what the government can do with thier information. No one wants to investigate what can and will happen to them with all this modern technology. They just think it's all fun and games. I think American's are stupid and I am an American. All good things must come to an end and it will for American's as the government controls our every move with all this modern technology. What I question is, what is the government afraid of that they have to spy on innocent people and don't think they don't because they do spy on everyone. Is the government scared they will miss out on the almighty buck? Well, sorry Big Brother your money is actually our money and someday I hope citizens begin to fight back for what is rightfully theirs. So watch your backs and if your innocent you shouldn't have to watch your back and if your innocent the government and big business have no business spying on you and taking your hard earned money. I would like to add one last thing. The government even spies on our children. Yes, children are vulnerable and are the first to tell and say anything. The government loves kids that chat about what mom and dad are up to to their pals, and the government sees this. Sad, sad, sad, they even have to use our children to spy. Kids cannot have a childhood anymore as the government controls them too. Nearly everyday I think about what this world will be like for young children when they are adults. We American's have to begin to fight. Everyone needs to ban together for our rights. There are more of us than there are of them (governmnet). Let's get tough. The government thinks they have control over us and they do, but it doesn't have to be that way. They think they can take our money and we have to bow down to them. They laugh because they know we all have no plan of action, but someday someone if not all of us will come up with a plan to take over and take back what is rightfully ours.
Obama enjoy your steak and lobster tonight, because tomorrow you may be eating dog food. Enjoy your warm cozy Whitehouse, because tomorrow you may be living on the streets like many are. Obama, enjoy your fancy limo rides and mingling with celebrities because you may no longer have those perks. Soon you will be passed a piece of bread when you and your family are living on the streets. Nothing every lasts long.