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Message Subject Metaphysical-World -( Part 3 ): The Carbon Atom, Vortex Math, and the Scarab Beetle
Poster Handle abhie
Post Content

Ancient man, the humans of Atlantis, the Vedic era, were in touch with this meta-physical side of ourselves. One can only guess how they came across this knowledge. Maybe they were born with it. A natural part of us Humans. Or maybe contact with friendly extra-terrestrial beings. But lets not push the ET angle. Im guessing we had it, and it got removed by negative forces.
Then after some kind of a massive catastrophe, we humans got "de-activated".
They did this through what I call the two pillars of mind-control.
The first is RELIGION, where they told you how to connect with a fake 'god' , the second is 'Controlled information' masquerading as "SCIENCE".
The Science Delusion by Rupert Sheldrake
[link to www.amazon.com] )

In order to get back what is rightfully ours, we need to re-connect with the part of our life which we seem to have forgotten. This involves active de-programming and constant effort, along with I suspect certain 'astrological settings'.
In Part 1 we examined how the possiblity of the tilt in Earth's axis could have 'de-activated' our meta-physical spirituality. But maybe we don't need that. Maybe its all in our minds, and how we think , and what we know?

Okay, enough talk.
Lets get you up and in touch with your 'meta-physical' side.
We are going to make you understand the power of "THOUGHT".
Thought is a meta-physical "SOLID SUBSTANCE". It has essence of our physical reality. It is the origin of our physical reality. You need to see THOUGHT as a counterpart of REALITY.

There is nothing meta-physical about this exercise
Its all to do with the Earth 'energies' that flow through your body, which you are not aware of.

Try this:

Quieten your mind. Make sure you are relaxed.
STAND with your hands firmly to your sides, your feet close together.
Face true NORTH.

Now visuallize CARBON.
You can try visuallizing BLACK coal.
Or a bit of charred wood.
If the visuallization is strong, your body will be pulled FORWARD ever so slightly.

If it did, try the opposite.
Still standing facing NORTH, visuallize CALCIUM.
Calcium could be the white chalk used on the classroom blackboard.

If the visuallization is strong, your body gets pulled BACKWARD.

The reason this works the way it does is that, the energy lines of CARBON , flows toward NORTH.
The energy lines of CALCIUM flow SOUTH.
Reference: Healing through Earth Energies, by Judy Jacka
[link to www.amazon.com]

If it doesn't work, try holding your hands to the sides of your legs with your fists closed.
Also you need to try this during different periods during the year, as the Earth energies flow both vertically,
as well horizontally. Sometimes the effect is strong.
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