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Message Subject Metaphysical-World -( Part 3 ): The Carbon Atom, Vortex Math, and the Scarab Beetle
Poster Handle abhie
Post Content
THOUGHT plays an important part in your reality.
What your mind thinks and feels and understands as truth, becomes your reality.
To begin experiencing the meta-physical nature of life, you need to place an EXTRA-ORDINARY IMPORTANCE to images, symbols, sounds, words, and the visuallization in your mind.
YOu need to FEEL an image or symbol as being VERY VERY SOLID and FULL OF POWER>
The MORE hyper-dimensionally important and physical an image or symbol or sound feels to you, the faster it works to bring about the reality you seek!!!!
In essence, the more 'gravitational POWER' the image/symbol/sound/word has in your mind, the more easier your meditation will manifest itself into your life.

Visuallize a metallic chrome steel ball, which is quite dense, resting on a small conic platform.
Imagine this platform is within a saucer shaped bowl.
Imagine everytime you lose your cool, or you lose your intergrity, the chrome ball decreases in weight and starts to float around the bowl.
This means you lost it, you are feeling un-comfortable, or displaced, or not-centrallized.
Now imagine guiding the ball onto the chrome platform.
Imagine it getting heavy , and finally laying down to rest on the conic platform.Imagine that once it puts all its weight on the conic platform, it activates a line of LED lights on the platform.
This means you have got your integrity back.

Now add weight to this picture.
You need to make it solid in your mind.
Now everytime you lose your cool, or panic, or are afraid,
get this picture in your mind.

Now feel your 'integrity' coming back.

This is how it works.
Words, colors, emotions they are all important.

If you want to expand on the above excersize, visuallize a big temple in your crown chakra, a glass temple with beautiful white light shooting up into the heavens, connecting you to the ALL.
Imagine this huge gate at the entrance, and above the entrance is a HUUUUUGE OWL, which flaps its wings ever so slightly. This is the SPHENOID BONE we discussed in PART 2.
Imagine the chrome ball in its bowl is placed as an icon within a transparent glass bowl on an altar . This glass ball has your visuallization of the 'INTEGRITY BALL".
Now expand, create more icon-glass-balls for your other needs. Example to clear your mind, imagine a glass ball containing clear water and a tiny teeny sail boat.
Everytime your thoughts get garbled, imagine the water getting dark and muddy. As the water gets clear, your thoughts get more focused. All the while keep your owl in sight above the gate.
This is powerful stuff!!

In our exercise above, we visualized CARBON as BLACK,
Indeed these are the ancient colors for these building blocks of life. Along with IRON.
The three colors of the 3 main building blocks of life are:

[link to kachina2012.wordpress.com]

Take a look at this;


Thats how they conducted the 'NAZI' period in our history.
They, the masters of the meta-physical, used all the knowledge to create that violent part, they brought it to life using the techniques of creating reality.

From the Kachina link above:
For the Freemason connection showing how these 3 colors BLACK WHITE RED and YELLOW are in fact part of a rite and ritual when laying the cornerstone of a new temple linking the word OWS to COWS and suggesting we are being lead, go here:
[link to breakfornews.com]
Here's the probable origin of the NAZI flag and symbol:
(You need to scroll down until you see the NAZI Symbol)
[link to kachina2012.wordpress.com]

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