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Message Subject Metaphysical-World -( Part 3 ): The Carbon Atom, Vortex Math, and the Scarab Beetle
Poster Handle abhie
Post Content
This chapter is on page# 19. A fascinating description about our own physiology:

The marvellous story of the journey of Joseph and Mary to Jerusalem to pay taxes PHYSIOLOGICALLY explained.

ON EITHER side of the Thalamus, in the head,
is a gland, known in physiology as the Pineal, on the
posterior, and the Pituitary on the anterior side of
the Thalamus.

The Pineal is cone shaped, and secretes a yellow or
golden fluid. The Pituitary Body, opposite it, is ellipsoid
in shape, and contains a whitish secretion, like milk.

The fluids that are found in both these bodies come
from the same source, namely, the Claustrum, which
means "barrier" or "cloister," and is referred to as
cloister for the very good reason that a precious and holy
thing is secreted or secluded there. Saint Claus, or Santa
Claus, is another term for this precious fluid, which is
indeed a holy gift in the body of each one of us.

The precious fluid which flows down from the Claus-
trum separates, part going into the Pineal gland and part
to the Pituitary body, and these, being special laboratories
of the head, differentiate the fluid from the Claustrum,
and it takes on the colors above mentioned, and in the
Pineal Gland becomes yellow and has electric properties.
The Pituitary Body, having the milk-like fluid, has mag-
netic properties.

These two glands are the male and female, the
Joseph and Mary of the physical body, and are the par-
ents of the spiritual son born in the solar plexus of each
human being, commencing about the age of twelve.

This yellow and white material, which is the milk
and honey referred to in the Bible, the children of Israel
having been given the promise of a return to this land
flowing with milk and honey, at last reaches the solar
plexus via semi-lunar ganglia (see chart), the Bethle-
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