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Message Subject Metaphysical-World -( Part 3 ): The Carbon Atom, Vortex Math, and the Scarab Beetle
Poster Handle abhie
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thalamus (n.)
1753, "the receptacle of a flower," Modern Latin, from L. thalamus "inner chamber," from Gk. thalamos "inner chamber, bedroom," related to thalame "den, lair," tholos "vault, vaulted building."

Thalamus=Atlas Hums lol! (axial tilt and frequency and (haarp)) ARC(degree)angles harp.

"Through the thalamus, music enters the human body. Thalamus is part of the brain that is the main relay station for all emotions, sensations, and feelings. Thus, music affects moods, creates changes in metabolism, circulation, blood volume, pulse, blood pressure, and hormones related to stress."

[link to www.techthefuture.com]

"Once a frequency is detected, which resonates positively in for example the amygdala(MAGDALE(y)Na), which in its simplest form is the main emotion center of the brain (through a combination of fMRI and EEG) this frequency can be used to stimulate the related brain area again with the recorded frequency......

This triggers the release of hormones in the Hypothalmus, which in previous conjunction with the thalamus has learned a connection of music frequencies and hormone stimulation.

Therefore improving the quality of life in a wide clinical population with music, shows that it does not only stimulate the brain, but can also teach it how to change."

The ARC(degree) of the covenant and noah's ARC(degree) are metaphors for the microcosm of the brain, precession and the music of the spheres(frequency). [link to thehiddenlighthouse.blogspot.com]

Some random syncs-

The Scarab beetle has blue blood and so does the Crab(Cancer). High copper content.

Copper is a key. The Anhk, the alchemical symbol for copper and Venus(femiNINE) are the same. [link to www.online-utility.org]

69 (symbol for Cancer(the Crab)). Tesla, Hendrix....Leedskin.

Thread: Ed Leedskalnin's Secret Anti-Gravity Technology
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28466199

Speaking of ATLAS, this is a quote from Manyly P Hall's The Occult Anatomy of Man:>

The same is true of the manna that descended to feed the Children of Israel in the wilderness , for this manna is a substance which comes down the Spinal cord from the brain. The Hindus symbolized the spine as the stem of the sacred lotus;therefore the skull and contents are symbolized by the flower. The spinal column is Jacob's ladder connecting heaven and earth, while its 33 segments are the 33 degrees of Freemasonary and the 33 the number of years in the life of the Christ. Up these segments the candidate ascends in consciousness to reach the temple of initiation located on the top of the mountain. It is in this domed room with a hole in the floor (Foramen Magnum) that the great mystery initiations are given. The Himalaya mountains rise above the Earth, representing the shoulders and the upper half of the body. They are the highest mountains of the world. Somewhere upon their summit stands the temple , resting (like heavens of the Greeks) upon the shoulders of Atlas.
It is interesting to note that th ATLAS is the upper vertebra of the human spine upon which the condyles fo the skull rest.
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