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Prophetic Dreams

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 26075509
United States
11/18/2012 07:00 AM
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Prophetic Dreams
For the past week or 2, I keep having crazy dreams about the future. The latest one was about how they'd use weather to bring about massive change and possibly Communism. In the dream, the basic scenario was that everyday there was thunderstorms and wind and the power would go out everyday, because the infrastructure was outdated. Eventually, the power companies no longer existed because they couldn't afford it. Everyone was bartering things. For example, in the dream I had a deal with someone in the neighborhood where they would give me a ride from somewhere (work?) back home in exchange for helping out with yard work when they needed help. If people needed things done, ie fixed roads, they had to work together with other people or do them themselves, like Communism. In one part, we were in a boat on a lake from my childhood and apparently it wasn't in as good of condition because "someone from another state" now owned it.

The general idea that I took away from this was that it wasn't one giant catastrophe that brought about this Communistic type society, but rather some sort weather change (the raining pretty much everyday) that just gradually took a beating on big companies and Government, until it reached a certain point where there was not enough money to pay the power company workers and so on. It's pretty scary when you wake up and realize that our country, which WAS once a real Democracy, is trillions in debt. A lot of people don't even realize how much a trillion really is. It just becomes part of the vocabulary, but when you actually sit back and think about it and realize that we are SEVERAL trillion in debt and that our system relies on being fiscally responsible, you realize that this poses a tremendous national security threat, as Ron Paul talks about.

I'm not sure why I keep having these dreams. I'm not claiming to predict the future. The main thing that's changed is that I've been eating a lot healthier and organic for the past couple weeks, to lose weight, and actually feeling better in my waking life because of it. Maybe in the past, my diet had been somehow suppressing REM sleep, or something of that nature.

User ID: 26438933
11/18/2012 11:02 AM
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Re: Prophetic Dreams
Over the past month I had two dreams that seem to depict some kind of major flooding event.

The first dream took place in my hometown which is on the Eastern coast of Canada (adjacent to the eastern states of Maine, Massachusetts, NY). In this dream I was standing in the living room of my house with my family looking out the window facing the harbour. Its as if we were just standing there watching. And outside the harbour was a massive wall of water making its way towards the town. First time I ever had such a bizarre dream of disaster like this.

Then just 2 nights ago another dream with a great wall of water. I was inside a building with people and we all began to rush out of the building. As we were leaving, to our right the tide was washing in on land much further then normal. Coming in with the, it looked like a rounded black "UFO" hovering just above the surface of the water, but as the tide made its way closer it was obvious it was a large seagoing vessel washing onshore (the rounded view from the bow). To the right up in the sky was a plane just hovering almost as if it was freeze-framed in one spot, and then the wave was massive.

Two unusual dreams, just thought I'd share.