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Message Subject My wife is reading 50 Shades of Gray. Your thoughts...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
it was still scary, very disrepsceful and hurtful, and nother me nor my bf like id very much.

he enver did it before that or after, but i am afraid it will hapen again, enxt time he misunderstands me, and quite honestly it messed me up greatly more than any kind of abuse or hardship i ever experienced in my life.

the thing that makes me think im not well anymore is exactly the fact that i love him.
even after he id that i love him.
 Quoting: eve 27803051

maybe you just have a lot of love? some people have a seemingly infinite compassion and patience, a very strong resolve.

maybe it wasnt as bad as i think it was.
 Quoting: eve 27803051

it probably was really bad for you; you said it above.

i knew he had to be mad and obviously that made him not careful about his penis and frankly it was starting to hrt a bit, but i was determined to stick it out, coz he obviously had this ened to man handle me and get it out of his system
again, he wasnt abusive
 Quoting: eve 27803051

anger and agression should never be mixed with passion. he was able to physically ventilate his frustration on you. think about it. that is abusive.

he was 26 at the time and he was manipulated by people older than him and less passionate but more calculated, into thinking that he isnt aplha enough with me and thats why i cheated.
 Quoting: eve 27803051

he's insecure. that usually leads to frustration. he should grow up :)

do u still think i should leave him?
 Quoting: eve 27803051

i can't answer that. but you can help him becoming a better-balanced person. but don't loose yourself in it: people should always sort themselves out - it's the only way.

but honestly i'm far from the best person to give you advice on relationships ;)
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