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Message Subject My wife is reading 50 Shades of Gray. Your thoughts...
Poster Handle eve
Post Content
Get ready for incredible sex and things you've never thought you'd see ur wife get into. dildo's,vibrators,mild strangulation and acting out rape scenes ... All happened after my wife read the books. Deep throating,gagging and 3rd input are now common place... I love what the shades book did !

Have fun brother and get ready to bring your A game.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1466889

oy, dude i mean not to ofend you, but what u and the wife do is sad.

well except maybe dildos, or vibrators, and mild strengulation with no conotations of anger, just to cut oxigen off a bit so to inhence orgasm....

to all of u sick puppies out there, not as role play or part of aggressive role play scene, just to cut off air supply and inhence orgasam a bit....

but acting out rape, how can u do that to ur wife?

again, i mean NO disrespect but your wifey is isck get her help do not support her disease....

if my husband wld ask me to pretend i was abusing him id insist he gets therapy not indulge his perverted needs.
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