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Message Subject UFO Spiral Seen in Western Canada - Several Angles
Poster Handle SpaceBillie
Post Content
I live in MIssouri and we see UFO pretty regularly. Nothing to compare to that video...but we regularly have UFO Parties.
I have seen 4 different types starting in oct 04 and the lastest was oct 14th of this year..
I really don't care what people think about people that believe.
For anyone to think that the government isn't lying or that we can be the only beings in this universe just doesn't connect to what is in front of their eyes.

The money to be made off of ufo technology would be "PRICELESS" to the first to grab. So which government wouldn't.
Disclosure is around the corner and everyday someone at a news station (Colorado just 2 days ago) is exposing these ufos.
Hope these pictures turn out to be real.
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