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Message Subject Muslim savages brutally beat 87-year-old woman trying to stop them from abusing a puppy
Poster Handle SilverPatriot
Post Content
I have a muslim neighbor who thought he could provoke his Labrador Retriever into attacking my Anatolian Shepherd and on my property 9 month old, Anatolian Shepherd puppy prevailed. Now I have an angry muslim neighbor who feels so entitled by his wanton stupidity and my benevolence factored in by my not allowing my puppy to kill his adult but smaller dog.

Muslims inherently believe dogs are dirty beasts and those trying to fit in by allowing their filthy spawn to own dogs reveal their inherent sodden attributes in provoking their pathetic small dogs into fighting a breed capable of killing wolves, bear, wild cats, jackals and boar.

Please let these sadistic muslim monsters try this nonsense in my backyard and note although I am not a spring chicken this old gal is still a formable foe.
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