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Message Subject The Vaccine Hoax is Over
Poster Handle Captain Spaulding
Post Content

i know a girl here who lives with her sister and brother-in-law. She's 54, like me, and none of them have been sick for years. The girl hasn't had the flu since the 90's. All three of them are down with the flu right now. AND THEY STILL WON'T BELIEVE ME when I tell them what's in the crap and how it makes you sick?!

People WANT to believe what THEY WANT TO BELIEVE. If the doctor says "get a shot", they get a shot.

I started a new doctor (huge mistake) and the snotty assistant, half my age, asked "if I had my flu shot YET? I told her my beliefs and she rolled her eyes at me like I was stupid. Then the nurse practitioner said "I was immature".

Really great medical system we got here. 37th from the bottom of 191 countries. Go figger.
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