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Message Subject The Vaccine Hoax is Over
Poster Handle INK3
Post Content
All it would take would be if the electricity got turned off and millions would die of exposure and disease in short order.

 Quoting: Resister

Yes. Weeding out the weak and useless.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28013588

And think of all the television junkies going through withdrawal. No more Dr. Oz, Dancing with the over-paid Spoiled Brats, America's got (questionable) talent, daytime *drama's, "I'll take brain dead puppets for $200 Chuck"... There'll be mayhem in the streets I tell ya...
 Quoting: Captain Spaulding 14886957

Since I'm not a TV watcher, during Hurricane Sandy, I got the rest of the family to play numerous board games and read while the power was out. (We had a car battery, an inverter and one lamp, worked great). I was kinda sad when the power came back on and the rest of the family went back online and to the television.
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