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Message Subject The Vaccine Hoax is Over
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I was not vaccinated. Had all the childhood "diseases" ... immune system cleanses...and had almost no colds, infctions and flu. When I did, it was diet related. I let it run its course and corrected my eating.

I did research, even as the internet was not all it is today, read books, etc. My son, over the shrieks of in-laws, husband and OB-Pediatrician...no shots.

Terrible time getting him in Kindergarten, but challenged the rule...if everyone else is vaccinated, what harm can my son do them? I'll take responsibility for his health.

He's 24, had mild cases of the childhood cleanses/diseases hardly been sick a day in his life, lean and strong.

And the evil flouride...ugh.
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