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Message Subject GOD Has His Finger On The RESET Button
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
... Your linear time is moving very quickly now.

Your earth is being positioned for the final moment in the grand cycle which will terminate her revolution. This cycle will culminate in a darkened hue over lighting your sun that her rays may be regressed into her form but for a short time. You call it an eclipse but we refer to it as a ‘solar closure’ albeit a temporary one for a specific purpose. She will cease to smile but for a time as the rancid elements of your earth are ejected. So it is in indeed true how the story goes; for many of you think that this is a tale. This story I am here to tell you will have a real ending and all shall witness it. It is best that you seek now your own validation from the angels of the Divine so that you could prepare yourselves accordingly. Denial based on historical information will not serve you. Heed my words; there will be an ending to the charade and the Father has chosen the method to ease the pain of the earth before she makes her ascent.

The globe will enjoy days of darkness and when the light comes on again a new feeling will be had by all. This is not doomsday as some have prophesied. This is in fact the day of deliverance; Divine deliverance. No aliens are coming to steal you or your planet, but your star brothers will come to your rescue; your star brothers of pure light. Do not be fooled by the naysayers and the fear mongers- seek the truth and only the truth and you shall be given. Cleanse your mind from your beliefs and programming; for what is going to happen will happen and we the guides of the earth do not wish to see you flounder in confusion...

^^^ The above words are very powerful. From Hazel on AH. [link to abundanthope.net]

Change is happening. Be Safe.
In Peace & Love,

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 5932524

you are officially "spiritually deader than a hammer"

and entirely responsible for such

you will be red faced throughout the upcoming thousand year period known as the Millennium Age

for having been found to be in bed with satan when the true Christ returns

oh for shame

led down the garden path by your EGO


so be it for it be so
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