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Message Subject "Doomsday Preppers" show a scam
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

watch this to see what they wanna know about you to be on the show!

As posted on page 1;
Just for thought,

Is it possible that this show was created and put on air by those that we are all overly concerend about. Is it plausible that they have done this with the knowledge that most people want there 15 min of fame and would contact the show wanting to be a part, thus giving them a complete list of who, what, and where these people and places are.

Now, if the SHTF, does happen they have a list of those that are a potential problematic source without having to hunt them down.

Once again, just a thought.
 Quoting: RASJ01021970

Actually, this is true.
Is it a coincidence that in a The Simpsons cartoon (as I recently read in one of the topics here at GLP) they are depicted as the cause for problems in the community, and harmony returns as soon as the preppers leave Springfield ?
This is 100% manipulation and disinfo. Don't think The Simpsons is "just" an innocent, popular cartoon series with likeable if somewhat weird characters.
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