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Message Subject Wait - Wuh?? Some Hostess Workers Feel 'Relief' at Losing Jobs ??????????
Poster Handle Phennommennonn
Post Content
years ago on long island....back in the 80s -

theres was/is this industrial pk in hauppauge.

and the unions were trying to organize them.

there was this open house at a hotel - paid for by the factories.

they tried to explain the detriments to the workers


we pay you a decent wage
healthcare is expensive (and many paid in full the prems at the time - not every bus offered HC tho)
you get vacation, sick, and retirement (some did w/o your contributions)
you got 2 15 min breaks and 30 min lunch
annual raises

add it up...youre actually making XXX amount.

we could take all that away and you can pay your own way.

unions are extortionists.

take a good look at history, the corruption involved .......
the unions reap the benefits - not you. youre just the dumb schmuck who pays them.

if only i could tell you what i know first hand....i cant.
my family for those of you who dont know....is well - watch the sopranos in syndication or on dvd.
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