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Message Subject Wait - Wuh?? Some Hostess Workers Feel 'Relief' at Losing Jobs ??????????
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
For years I gave to the local Food Pantry. Even before the government took them over, when the church just did it by itself with donations from the community. I always heard their Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets were awesome - and I donated food for them.

Last year I was on FMLA and had to go their to receive food instead of give it. They had some good food and told me I'd just missed signing up for their holiday baskets (you have to do it way ahead of time.) For over a month now, after losing my job, I've looked forward to a little happiness at receiving my first ever Thanksgiving basket. I got it. I've got a paper bag full of Acme canned beef stew and chili, spaghetti bags and two small cardboard containers of milk. The only thing remotely relevant to Thanksgiving is a can of Acme whole cranberry sauce. They gave me a card to pick up my own turkey at the store. That was nice.

The beef stew and chili - I actually vomited after eating it when I tried it before. And the other members of my house are old, ill and the amount of sodium in those cans could kill them - they are already on diuretics.

I don't qualify for food stamps, my unemployment is like $20 over the amount. I don't even qualify for heating assistance and I need OIL to survive. I e-mailed my rep at the labor department to ask about whether I needed a certificate for doing a certain type of job I was interested in. I can't get a reply from him about anything. Apparently they are not that interested in getting me back to work.

I'm just sayin', while there are a lot of moochers out there, at the same time there is a lot of suffering and being poor ain't the gravy train that some people think it is.

My neighbor on the other hand, he's collecting unemployment, doing work under the table, has an Obamaphone and just got his girlfriend pregnant. And he's living better than I am.

I would ask, for those of you who can, to buy some decent food and donate it to someone in your area that is helping the needy. My community didn't do it. Remember - at any point in time - it could be YOU looking for help.
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