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Message Subject Wait - Wuh?? Some Hostess Workers Feel 'Relief' at Losing Jobs ??????????
Poster Handle Holldoll
Post Content
Actually, it's a bit more difficult to get on some of those programs than a lot of you would like to think. I remember when my husband got laid of we applied or some of those things. Food stamps was relatively easy, but depending on where you live a lot of times the social workers drill into you depending on your situation. They were pretty nice to us since he got laid off and got a job within a couple of weeks, but as far as unemployment goes, in the state we were living in at the time, in order to get unemployment you had to do job interviews, like 4 a week or something like that. By the time he would have qualified he was lucky enough to get another job anyway so it wasn't needed. Even if it was a lower paying job, it was still a job. Section 8 is incredibly difficult to get, it takes years, and you have to have a pretty low income during those years and if you have a new job or pay increase you're supposed to report all those things within 10 days. I lived on section 8, and food stamps growing up, because my mom was a single parent. She actually had a decent job, but even though she worked all the time and poor ..I still wish I'd have gotten more time with her, but she worked non-stop just for us to survive. If it wasn't for food stamps and section 8 we'd have starved and been in a shelter. These people probably worked their butts off for some time for crappy pay, and now they get a break. I get it, so I'm not going to judge them if they did qualify for government stuff.
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