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Message Subject Wait - Wuh?? Some Hostess Workers Feel 'Relief' at Losing Jobs ??????????
Poster Handle 'LIL ANGEL
Post Content
Hostess employees in Nash County, North Carolina on Friday were relieved that they would lose their jobs because union workers would not agree to an 8-percent pay cut, which was approved by a bankruptcy judge, and end their strike, which crippled the company's factories across the United States.

[link to www.breitbart.com]

why !!!!?? so they can all sit home, and qualify for

drum roll plz...........

unemployment & extensions if applicable (see respective state)

medicaid/medical (respective state)
free clinics (respective state if applicable)

the obama phone
[link to www.safelinkwireless.com (secure)]

the obama mtg assistance
[link to www.governmentrefinanceassistance.com]

10$ internet/comcast
[link to stopthecap.com]

food stamps (free food)
[link to www.fns.usda.gov]

section 8 housing (free rent)
[link to www.housingvoucher.org]

free clothing vouchers (via respective state)

free, tv, furniture, fixtures via local charity programs

oh and the holidays are coming - what about the FREE fucking christmas programs such as

salvation army
toys for tots
other church charity programs
[link to christmas-help-for-low-income-families.app-storm747-1.aidpage.com]

what the fuck..?! theyre not "relieved" bc the "fightings over" - bc thats a buncha high pressure BULLSHIT.

unions suck the lifeforce out of businesses, then the workforce.

with all the fuckin money you pay in dues & that the unions have in the bank/investments - when you go on strike - you shouldnta had to go paycheckless - those cocksuckers shoulda been paying YOU to strike. THATS what you idiots shoulda "negotiated" when you allowed that union to organize your employer......dumbass "fuck you - pay me"

its bad enough we have to carry illegals
and all those who've lost their jobs due to this mfr'd economic collapse

YOU dumbass union whores now have to add to the burden of the already stressed american taxpaying tit.

enjoy your poverty fuck-holes


 Quoting: Phennommennonn

Many years ago, I'm not proud to say I worked QC for this WB H corp. QC was management. I was trying my hand at a corporate ladder of financial success. I quickly decided (many months) into this that it was a disgusting product and also the work ethic of plant employees was despicable and dangerous. Along with personal threats, they would throw a plastic bag into mixers or put walnuts into plain brownie bites to shut down a line or lines to "get a little paid R&R". The ramifications of this were disastrous if a consumer from the public allergic to nuts ingested a plain BB expecting no nuts. Death to some. Maintenance would have to sterilize entire lines of machinery, sometimes hours sometimes days of a shutdown. The FDA regulations and permitting of foreign material was shocking to me at the time. Other food production companies were the same I soon found out. I thought at that time getting a job and working for twenty or thirty years was what the deal was in life, I changed course and sailed into a loving healthy relationship of 26 yrs now and became a gardener. Bye, Bye Ho-Ho. You didn't get what you needed but you get what you deserve!
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