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Message Subject Wait - Wuh?? Some Hostess Workers Feel 'Relief' at Losing Jobs ??????????
Poster Handle Phennommennonn
Post Content
George Soros funding Socialism with Unions
[link to onenerveleft.couragetosee.com]

Organizations Funded Directly by George Soros and his Open Society Institute
American Civil Liberties Union.
Democratic Party
Health Care for America Now:
Immigrant Defense Project
Media Fund:/Media Matters for America
National Lawyers Guild
National Public Radio:
Shadow Democratic Party

Rebuild and Renew America Now (a.k.a. Unity '09): Spearheaded by MoveOn.org and overseen by longtime activist Heather Booth, this coalition was formed to facilitate the passage of President Obama’s "historic" $3.5 trillion budget for fiscal year 2010.

Public Citizen Foundation: Public Citizen seeks increased government intervention and litigation against corporations -- a practice founded on the notion that American corporations, like the capitalist system of which they are a part, are inherently inclined toward corruption

Southern Poverty Law Center:
Tides Foundation and Tides Center: Tides is a major funder of the radical Left.

read the whopper list here
[link to www.discoverthenetworks.org]

Democratic Socialists of America member John Sweeney became president of the AFL-CIO and successfully repealed a federation rule prohibiting Communists from serving as leaders of its member unions. Abandoning the blue-collar industrial unionism of the past, Sweeney was instrumental in remaking labor into a progressive movement
[link to www.discoverthenetworks.org]

Another immensely powerful union is the 1.8 million-member Service Employees International Union (SEIU), which ranks among the largest and fastest-growing unions in North America. Led by the former New Leftist Andrew Stern from 1996-2010, SEIU is a major component of the so-called “Shadow Democratic Party,” a nationwide network -- conceived and funded by George Soros and his political allies -- of unions, nonprofit activist groups, and think tanks whose agendas are ideologically to the left, and which are engaged in campaigning for the Democrats.
[link to www.discoverthenetworks.org]
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