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Message Subject Jesus christ was right about Israel and zionist aka fake jews.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Can you share some more knowledge on the Kaaba Stone. The West has been brainwashed into thinking that Islam is evil. The Kaaba was said to have been brought down from Heaven during the time of Adam and Eve. It is also said to have once been pure white although it turned black from all the sin on earth.

 Quoting: Amy_A

no. Kabaa was build by the order of the one and only god allah through ark angel gebrael to Abrahim. Abrahim gave order to build a house of god as sign on him on earth on the spot kabba is since gebrael told anrahim that god chose the spot because thats where the first land was formed. Atleast twice kabaa came under attack that i know of but god protected it. First attack what is called the verse or story of ABABIL. when the satanic followers ( idol worshipers) Army attacked it to destroy it, but god send thousands and thousands of birds each carrying rocks and stones based on what they could carry and these birds attack the forces of evil and destroyed the invading army and saved kaaba.

The second time it was during the era of Islam when idol worshiping arabs under satans control of that time launched fire balls by catapults at Kaaba trying to burn it but then in the middle of the dry season suddenly rain clouds gathered above kaaba and rained down on kaaba and extinguished the fire. God had protected kaaba again.
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