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Message Subject Christians - are you getting annoyed with your pastors refusing to acknowledge the times?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I am.

They preach prosperity. They treat God like he's Santa Claus. Pray and ya shall receive.

They REFUSE to acknowledge crooked politicians because they don't want to lose their 501c3 TAX FREE STATUS.

They don't preach repentance.

They don't preach about what is happening in Israel.

They don't preach about all of the prophecy that is taking place right in front our eyes.

They refuse to acknowledge societal corruption, especially sexual sin.

They seem to be alllllll about prosperity. Preaching about praying to find a better job and you will come through the trials with a better job because that's the most important thing in life??? WTF is that!!

They lead the sheep astray.

I for one, am annoyed.

Rant Over.
 Quoting: mrclean

You are very right about this The Trinity Broadcast Network is the work of Satan and every preacher broadcast there are working for Satan..
 Quoting: MississippiBlkMan

Holy shit, are you guys all this crazy? When something doesnt feel right to you you just say that they are of satan and will burn in hell for eternity? You havent the slightest clue what god is my friend... God is not some bearded humanlike being ep in the sky somewhere and he sure as hell doesnt send poeple to an eternity in hell for living one lifetime...
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