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Message Subject Christians - are you getting annoyed with your pastors refusing to acknowledge the times?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I am.

They preach prosperity. They treat God like he's Santa Claus. Pray and ya shall receive.

They REFUSE to acknowledge crooked politicians because they don't want to lose their 501c3 TAX FREE STATUS.

They don't preach repentance.

They don't preach about what is happening in Israel.

They don't preach about all of the prophecy that is taking place right in front our eyes.

They refuse to acknowledge societal corruption, especially sexual sin.

They seem to be alllllll about prosperity. Preaching about praying to find a better job and you will come through the trials with a better job because that's the most important thing in life??? WTF is that!!

They lead the sheep astray.

I for one, am annoyed.

Rant Over.
 Quoting: mrclean

you'll be even more annoyed if they've been teaching you the rapture doctrine, when you come to find your salvation depends upon your knowing the truth in that regard quite specifically in this final generation.

if they haven't taught you the truth of what happened in the garden but rather inferred that an apple had something to do with it

or made it very clear to you regarding the three entirely different AGES or eons of time which are referenced in the word, which are all part of Gods plan from beginning to end consecutively

then you can't possibly have any idea what's going on in any regard as you won't know to which Age any of the words are referring at any given time throughout the text/manuscripts.

some of the word references the first earth Age, some the second, and some with reference to the third earth Age, which in and of itself is divided into two separate periods of time with specific purpose and rules outlining each.

if you arent' clear on what happened in the beginning, long before this second earth Age came into being, there is no way in hell you can understand what's yet to come, or why it is.

if you cannot "rightly divide the word" with reference to the three different dispensations of time - you are entirely lost to begin with.

if you don't know what actually occured in the garden, or about the sixth and eighth day creations, you don't even know who you are or the part you play in the word. if you did you'd know when it was referencing you specifically, and when it was referencing others likewise.

it becomes much more personal in that light as you then know when He is speaking directly to you and when he is referencing others, among other things.

sad but true

while these preachers will be judged both first and most harshly for having misrepresented themselves in this regard, it sure won't help you overcome at the end of this particular Age we are presently in.

overcoming from the 6th Trump forward to the end of this Age at the 7th Trump requires much more than it did prior to same. this generation is under entirely different qualifications than any prior generations have EVER been under, and it's all given to us in the word.

the worlds greatest conspiracy is that which is ongoing in the worlds churches. it's on each of us to dig deeper and find the truth, or suffer the consequences accordingly.

why do you assume there will be so much weeping and gnashing of teeth at the 7th Trump, if not for something so hugely misconstrued as to have deceived even the most diligent students of the word? the most devout christians will be shocked speechless when Christ turns to them and tells them that "He never knew you."

; (
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