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Message Subject Christians - are you getting annoyed with your pastors refusing to acknowledge the times?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
What is really funny is that most Christians I know love these prosperity pastors. They all think they are going to heaven too. Boy, are they in for a shock.

I truly believe that God will only save a very few. Jesus said it. The road is very narrow and only a FEW go to heaven. Broad is the road to destruction.

Real Christians know that we have to be perfect for God to love us. Don't get me wrong. We do make a few mistakes but when we repent of our sins, we don't backtrack and do them again. After a while, as we get older, we no longer sin because we have repented of every sin and we go and sin no more.

Why would God welcome SINNERS into heaven? He wouldn't. We have to have been perfected before we enter heaven. We are sinless because we have no pride, we have given up all our worldly goods to the poor, we love our enemies dearly, we would give our lives for our enemies, we are not hypocrites, like those Pharisees. We envy no one. We have no greed, lust, we never gossip about others, we are clean on the outside AND the inside.

So that explains why God only saves a few. It takes a lot of work to be perfect. Jesus said, "Be perfect as my father in heaven is perfect." I know I am perfect because God looks at me as sinless. I know all of you are too. Too bad that most of the people in today's churches are going to hell where they will be in torment forever. LOL, oh the irony.
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