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Message Subject Christians - are you getting annoyed with your pastors refusing to acknowledge the times?
Poster Handle Pappion
Post Content
1st of all there are no such thing a Preacher who preaches to the sheep, that's a scam. Preachers are to the unregenerate.
2. The word Pastor is only mentioned once in the Scriptures and there is no job description of what this Shepard even does. Why is this man the most important person in the room?
3. Some unknown author (Hebrews) told the Hebrew believers not to forsake the assembly(not church). Probably didn't want to fellowship with Gentiles. It doesn't mean you must "go to church".
4. I bet the large majority of people in your edifice are unregenerate so since there is no fellowship with unbelievers, why go?
5. Sheep are timid pasture dwellers and goats are mountain climbers, so who are these men who have climbed there way to the top of the machine of church? Why are they the only ones to share? If others have the same Spirit, why can't all talk?

I know the "Guardians" of the Beast called church will go ballistic and cast heaps of accusations at me. I just want those that are His to consider these thoughts and follow Him and not men. Wolves like to herd their victims into groups so they can kill all.
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