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Message Subject Who YOU rooting for? Israel or Palestine (VOTE)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Wait...not sure with the my people will fall part.
That doesnt make sense dude.
War doesnt make sense lets keep it with that
 Quoting: oO 27996264

Well, if everyone was looking after their own interests at home and just next door, their nation's interests rather than the interests of multinational corporations and powerful elites from around the world that meet behind closed doors, the world would be better off wouldn't you say? In fact, this OP's question and the rhetoric that's surely in the mainstream news in the West now is all pushing, egging on, for war. It's insane.

Globalists oppose nationalism because nation building and community building and preservation of culture are opposed to their interests. If each of us just looked after our own neck of the woods things would be better.
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