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Message Subject Who YOU rooting for? Israel or Palestine (VOTE)
Poster Handle roger
Post Content
Actually, im surprised by the amount of support for Israel on GLP.
Why are we all here on this website? I presume because we are waking up to this conspiracy that is enslaving us all, right?
And we all got to learn (or were presented the information) that it is the zionists who are stringpulling this whole show, especially from within Isreal and the US governments.
Despite our governments and our MSM telling otherwise, we surely are getting confirmation after confirmation that this zionist conspiracy is indeed taking place.

And what is this animosity towards Harry Fear?
Atleast someone is giving the Palastinians a voice, a voice on MSM I think they well deserved.
I admire the Palastinians for standing up for their rights, I admire Harry for just being in Gaza, doing what he thinks is right, taking a risk.

To me it is clear as hell there are powers, whether it be zionists or even higher powers, that are dividing mankind, blinding mankind. And were here picking sides, having a laugh, making fun of Harry Fear.... while taking every more enslaving, more freedom reducing law up the rear.
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