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Message Subject Who YOU rooting for? Israel or Palestine (VOTE)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

There should be a GLP poll titled: "How to prevent war and foster better diplomacy; ideas welcome"
 Quoting: The Tauremini

It is super simple. All of this geopolitics is fueled by the USA MIC. The USA MIC is funded by a tax code that is immune from war weariness. Specifically 47% dont pay for it, 20% that do pay taxes are on its payroll directly or indirectly.

Forget politics, religion, etc. Look at it objectively. No other nation has the capability to sponsor all sides permanent global violence. If it actually hit a majority of americans pocketbooks, these wars would not happen, or be over very quick.

To your statement, Let the old men like kissenger who start these things -- settle these things -- without the blood and treasure of young people. Diplomacy would be the only thing in the toolbox of these walking toolboxes.

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