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Message Subject Who YOU rooting for? Israel or Palestine (VOTE)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

I'm just dropping by to correct your two fallacies.

1. If by "potential future terrorists" you mean Palestinian children, then logically the same rule must apply with the German/Austrian children who would grow up as "potential future Nazis", does it not? Nonsense. It's this way of thinking that is what's wrong with the world (and that's actually not an exaggeration).

2. How is it the fault of Gaza's men, women and children that in 1948 the (European) Balfour Declaration forced 1.5 million people in Palestine from their homes at gunpoint and crammed them all into a tiny strip of land? It wasn't their choice. Would you blame yourself if Russian troops marched into Austria and relocated the entire population to a tiny little ghetto?

The statements you made in your post are neither rational or humane.

I respect your right to free speech, but please make it accurate free speech.
 Quoting: The Tauremini

Yeah .. we austrians are known for terrorizing our neighbors and firing rockets into germany, italy, hungary, ... and raising our children to hate them so our neighbors had to erect 30ft walls to keep us in... yeah .... sure.

1st argument: BS

There were not 1,5 million people living in gaza after Balfour. They bred to 1,7 million by themselves.

2nd argument: numbers wrong: BS

I do not care if you respect my right of free speech. Sorry. You sound like some socialist wanting to control other peoples statements under the disguise of free speech.

Which, see above, failed miserably.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 331367

You took my first point totally out of context. I never said Austrians fire missiles into Germany. I was saying it's not fair to label someone a "potential future terrorist" no more than it's fair to label an Austrian or a German a "potential future Nazi".

That is because even though an overwhelming number of the Austrian and German populations supported the Nazis leading up to and during WW2 it wouldn't be fair to automatically assume all past, present and future Austrians and Germans are Nazis.

So, my first point is not BS, it's simply a matter of perspective (one that I believe to be reasonable).

Secondly, there were more than 1.6 million Palestinians living in what is now Israel at the time of the 1948 forced Palestinian exodus, though I did find out that 800,000 (not 1.5 million) were forcibly relocated, so I'll grant you that I was a little off on the numbers.

This has nothing to do with "controlling other peoples statements". I'm simply trying to bring some perspective to the debate rather than perpetuating the myths that are causing people to hate one another.

Again, this is what's wrong with the world. Racism and Xenophobia.

I want you to stop hating and rather than making broad sweeping statements reflect on what is actually happening in Gaza and who is being affected the most. Look at some statistics about what the blockade is doing to the women and kids.

Let's start to talk about how this massacre can be stopped, rather than rooting on the killers on both sides.

I think that's better than getting into semantics.
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