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Message Subject Who YOU rooting for? Israel or Palestine (VOTE)
Poster Handle Etta
Post Content
I look at this way, let us suppose that each day your neighbor tosses fireworks into your backyard and it freaks the hell out of your kids and dog, no one will do anything about it, not the police or the powers that be...one day the neighbor starts aiming better, takes out your kids eye, dogs leg, how long until you take matters into your own hands? OR is the neighbor right not liking you cause you moved in, so it's justified?
 Quoting: Etta

"moved in"?


Stole his house and land right out from under him.

FACTS About Israel:
Did you know that non-Jewish Israelis
cannot buy or lease land in Israel?
Did you know that Palestinian license
plates in Israel are colour coded
distinguish Jews from non-Jews?

Did you know that Jerusalem, both
east and west, is consider entire
world community, including the United
States, to be occupied territory and
NOT part of Israel?

Did you know that Israel allots 85%
of the water resources for Jews and
the remaining 15% is divided among all
Palestinians in the territories?

For example in Hebron, 85% of the
water is given to about 400 settlers,
while15% must be divided among
Hebron's 120,000 Palestinians?

Did you know the United States awards
Israel $5 billion in aid each year?
Did you know that yearly US aid to
Israel exceeds the aid the US grants
to the whole African continent?
Did you know that Israel is the only
country in the Middle East that has
nuclear weapons?
Did you know that Israel is the only
country in the Middle East that
refuses to sign the nuclear
non-proliferation treaty and bars
international inspections from its
Did you know that Israel currently
occupies territories of two sovereign
nations (Lebanon and Syria) in defiance
of United Nations Security Council
Did you know that Israel has for
decades routinely sent assassins into
other countries to kill its political
Did you know that high-ranking
military officers in the Israeli
Defense Forces have admitted publicly
that unarmed prisoners of war were
executed by the IDF?
Did you know that Israel refuses to
prosecute its soldiers who have
acknowledged executing prisoners of
Did you know that Israel routinely
confiscates bank accounts,
businesses, and land and refuses to
pay compensation to those who suffer
the confiscation?
Did you know that Israel blew up an
American diplomatic facility in Egypt
and attacked a US ship in international
waters, killing 33 and wounding 177
American sailors?
Did you know that the second most
powerful lobby in the United States,
according to a recent Fortune
magazine survey of Washington
insiders, is the Israeli AIPAC?
Did you know that Israel stands in
defiance of 69 United Nations
Security Council Resolutions?
Did you know that today's Israel sits
on the former sites of more than 400
now vanished Palestinian villages,
and that the Israelis renamed almost
every physical site in the country to
cover up the traces?
Did you know that it was not until
1988 that Israelis were barred from
running "Jews Only" job ads?
Did you know that four prime
ministers of Israel (Begin, Shamir,
Rabin, and Sharon) have taken part
in either bomb attacks on civilians,
massacres of civilians, or forced
expulsions of civilians from their
True Facts About Jerusalem :
[link to web.archive.org]

[link to www.middleeastnews.com]
This is disgusting:
[link to www.independent.co.uk]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1258225

Informative,and thanks for exposing the real facts.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28008564

I thought that Pakistan had nukes? We, the US, give tons of money to every Muslim country, I wish we would stop, if we only gave money to Israel, we'd be ok. Palestinians should move if they are thirsty, how about Canada? That was a lot of research and some interesting info though. I for one, would still get sick of having "fireworks thrown into my yard" day after day, eventually i'd be pissed.
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