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Message Subject This lil ol lady may just blow your mind about the end of this year(youtube vid)
Poster Handle DoubleHelix
Post Content
There is no good and no bad, only lessons.
 Quoting: DoubleHelix

new age bullshit! tell it to all the victims of child molestation, the thousands starving in africa every day, rape victims, etc etc etc

i suppose you believe that in another life you were also a rapist or torturer, so you could experience "both sides of the coin"? does that really seem like "balance" to you?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26942431

You are so silly bro. Do you even hear yourself? She said this is a very disharmonious level of experience. And one of the worst ever.

Hope you all actually watch the vid yourselves to make your own assessment of what is being talked about, and disregard these shills. She addressed all of those issues. They are only trying to create an argument unsuccessfully.

It is so easy to see right trough them, cuz all they want to do is create an argument without any real assessment of the information being given.

And lol at the new age comment. This is far from NEW age information. This is ancient knowledge that is all around us. We just have to put the dots together here. Its not that hard actually. The truth is in plain sight. You just have to know where to look.. And to LOOK for yourselves. Dont let anyone tell you what you should or should not see or hear. That is your god given free will people. So use it. Break the control system.

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