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Message Subject This lil ol lady may just blow your mind about the end of this year(youtube vid)
Poster Handle Ohwell
Post Content
Good job Doublehelix. We should have more of these kinds of discussions instead of playing into the Agenda being broadcast on air.

I made a thread also about ETs - the spiritual being who are contacting several people and they are all telling of their stories which are eerily similar.

Just a further note on your statement about the planet being out of balance. One of the videos I posted on my thread by a contactee also mentioned the same thing that the beings said things are out of balance and are coming to correct it. The also said their return will bring about destruction to the planet.....
 Quoting: Ohwell

Oh, you mean the cleansing of the 3 deminsional planet. Not complete destruction. The higher realm the planet is separating into will not need to be cleansed due to it existing in a higher frequency than we reside on at this time.

We will see a whole new world unfolding right here befor our eyes. Think of it like this.. You have the sound octave we are on now with all the nature and man made things, and on a whole nother octave would be a different world all together, but still this planet. Just another level of it. That is the next step higher than this one. There are buildings and other things that already exist on this higher octave realm. We will begin to see them and so much more as we reach this higher density being together. With the entire living earth all together at the same time.
 Quoting: DoubleHelix

Yeah, something like that!
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