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Message Subject Astronaut passes out/gets MKULTRA'd while talking about UFOs
Poster Handle Biochemky
Post Content
Also interesting to note that her cohorts seem to be smiling half the time chick is flooring herself, (or getting MKULTRA'D)
 Quoting: Stubiru 27960337

What I noticed is that her fellow astronauts who were standing on the speakers platform with her appeared to ANTICIPATE that she was about to have a physical problem as they leaned toward her before she showed any definitive signs of not being in control of her body.

Only after they had leaned in toward her did she appear to sway for the first time and then proceed to lose her balance outright.

They (her coworkers) appeared to have been cued in advance (by a few seconds) that she was about to experience an event in which her verbal communication and muscle flexion ability would both be simultaneously negatively affected.

Her coworkers appeared to be anticipating that she would have a physical problem before she, the speaker, actually gave any outward sign that she was about to experience a significant physical problem.
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