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Message Subject Reserve military of Poland, Czech Republic and other European countries beeng called in
Poster Handle Baphomet
Post Content
I hang out on some military forums - nothing unusual being reported, and I've certainly not seen any abnormal military movements here in the UK. I think its just silly rumours.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23992770

Well let me asure You that there is more transportation going on th last 12-18 months and it is a bit slowing down for the last weeks, but that could be because lots of what they were transporting, maybe got to the destination point of where it was send to? I mean I do not have satelite images of US / NATO bases in the Middle East, otherwise I could look up if it got to the destination where it was send.

And if you have connections, yu also know that most military personal was informed about what is to come long long time ago. Like playing chess, most of these pieces are already in place.

Not so long ago, on many PMC B-Boards there were many many many jobs listed, and if you have connections and go trough a lot of military fora on the web, you also would be aware of that information.

Trust me, the real important info won't even be on a forum. But there were just to many signs here on the Europan mainland that they are seriously working on something behind the scenes, and they were working on it for many years. You can't just decide you wnat a World War III in a couple of hours. This is something they were waiting for for a long long time.

Please do not get me wrong, I do not wan't any war, but I sa this one coming as well and somehow I just know that there ain't a thing we can do about it to prefent it from happenning!
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