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Message Subject Reserve military of Poland, Czech Republic and other European countries beeng called in
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Military in these countries is based on horses and bayonets. Maybe It's potato harvest time
 Quoting: define military 19835601

Yep only good for shooting down multi billion $ stealth aircraft. people looking and phoneing in their positions and flight paths with their mobile phones..,
Remember that yankie fags Civilian hetrosexual population standing on bridges and highways looking for your fuckwitz to send to our c^C to shoot down.you fags would all run under a table with a blanket on yr head and whistle dixie.

Only one F-117 (AF ser. no. 82-0806)[40] was lost to enemy action. It was shot down during a mission against the Army of Yugoslavia on 27 March 1999, during Operation Allied Force.[40] About 8:15 pm local time, SA-3s were fired from about 8 miles (13 km) away, launched by a Yugoslav version of the Soviet Isayev S-125 "Neva" (NATO name SA-3 "Goa") anti-aircraft missile system.[40][41][42] The launcher was run by elements of the 3rd Battalion of the 250th Air Defence Missile Brigade under the command of Colonel Zoltán Dani.[43] According to NATO Commander Wesley Clark and other NATO generals, Dani detected F-117s by operating his radars on unusually long wavelengths, making the aircraft visible for brief periods.[citation needed] According to Dani in a 2007 interview, his troops spotted the aircraft on radar when its bomb-bay doors opened, raising its radar signature.[44] One of the missiles detonated near the F-117 by its proximity fuze.[40] Dani said he kept most of his missile sites intact by frequently moving them, and had spotters looking for F-117s and other NATO aircraft. He oversaw the modification of his targeting radar to improve its detection.[42] He later recanted this claim, saying that it was meant as a tongue-in-cheek jab to his former American adversaries and their customary boastfulness.[45][verification needed]

[link to en.wikipedia.org]
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