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Message Subject Reserve military of Poland, Czech Republic and other European countries beeng called in
Poster Handle Russian guy
Post Content
Military in these countries is based on horses and bayonets. Maybe It's potato harvest time
 Quoting: define military 19835601

That's just incredibly stupid.
 Quoting: aifeme

U mad bro?

No, really, are you pissed because it is pretty much true?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 18201204

Aussie you're an idiot, Poland would fuck you up if you went head to head


Available Manpower: 18,830,448 [2011]
Fit for Service: 15,583,917 [2011]
Of Military Age: 433,061 [2011]
Active Military: 100,000 [2011]
Active Reserve: 20,000 [2011]


Total Land Weapons: 7,259
Tanks: 1,119 [2011]
APCs / IFVs: 2,123 [2011]
Towed Artillery: 257 [2011]
SPGs: 645 [2011]
MLRSs: 255 [2011]
Mortars: 673 [2011]
AT Weapons: 2,187 [2011]
AA Weapons: 1,304 [2011]


Available Manpower: 10,433,186 [2011]
Fit for Service: 8,651,943 [2011]
Of Military Age: 279,365 [2011]
Active Military: 59,023 [2012]
Active Reserve: 44,016 [2012]


Total Land Weapons: 3,759
Tanks: 59 [2012]
APCs / IFVs: 1,861 [2012]
Towed Artillery: 303 [2012]
SPGs: 0 [2012]
MLRSs: 36 [2012]
Mortars: 1,000 [2012]
AT Weapons: 500 [2012]
AA Weapons: 100 [2012]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28058316

First of all, in Bulgaria there is no such activity whatsoever.

To comment the above numbers. They are true. A great deal of that weaponry is from Soviet time, the tech level of 1970s -1980s. Also the officers are trained at that time. While impressive in numbers, those armies have never been tested in battle conditions, if you do not count the Iraqi post-war troops. They are of no match of the Red Army that performs all the time drills, should it comes to a real battle. We saw what happened in Georgia, despite the Georgians had some modern western weaponry. The only shield of these new NATO countries is the American protection and NATO. In case of Russian war (whoever starts, whatever scenario, I do not discuss that now), I don't see Belgium or France, or Germany sending troops to help Poland. America could. But that will be already a nuclear conflict with Russia. So the practical use of all these tanks is symbolic. They will be wiped out even in a non-nuclear conflict, should America doesn't send its own troops on the ground to confront Russia, or should America doesn't make a first nuclear strike. The deterrent will cease to be a such the moment the first bomb explodes in the Middle East. And if Russia bombs the US anti-missiles in Poland with non-nuclear precise missiles, what would NATO do? Would make a first strike, or send tanks? That is insanity from beginning to the end. Europe didn't need that new barrier of division East-West. The free and peaceful 20-30 years since the Perestroika are irreversibly lost, not only because Yeltsin drank a lot of vodka. We shall see what comes next in a matter of weeks?
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