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Message Subject Reserve military of Poland, Czech Republic and other European countries beeng called in
Poster Handle Boromir_sk
Post Content
In this century west again wish attack Russia? Forget history total? Need remember?

Poland will be on Russia Side in the coming war. LUCIFERIAN CABAL THAT RULES NATO, will make war. And guess who will be the winner. V L A D I M I R will win like always in the history.
Slavic brothers, do not fall on Luciferian propaganda.

Slava svim slovenima.

Boromir, Macedonia
 Quoting: Boromir_sk 27897317

Poland WILL NOT be on Russia side, forget about it.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1496396

And what do you want , to be American Rats, big NOBODY, first strike weapon. Common, Poland is much better than today Rat Governent which is a colony of American Interest.

Believe it or not, Poland will side with Russia in the coming war.

p.s. Poland has recognise Kosovo, which was Serbian, or shall I SAY SORBIAN. You are killing your cousins, your Slavic blood, in the name of Luciferian policy of War and death, NATO.

Vladimir will win, and this is the proficy that has been so long told here in the Balkans.
All Slavic states will return to Russia, to their mother, with the new face. Face of brotherhood, and COOPERATION.

Boromir, Skopje
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