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Message Subject Reserve military of Poland, Czech Republic and other European countries beeng called in
Poster Handle Denis_469
Post Content
To the Russian guy

polish army had indeed achived its after wwII power peak in seventies. It's outdated, has too much officers compared to regular soldiers. BUT, is russian army much better? Haven't your soldiers quite army due to not being paid, what about wave, what about muslims in army, did your non-rocket forces received much financing? What about your south and east border, can you afford to sacrifice much of your forces to west front?
Russian army is not a problem for Poland Moscow's agentship is. Why should Russia invide Poland if she is main player here, already? Poland is Russia-Germany condominium.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1449075

You not know nothing. In you wild west all would be soldiers for money. But in Russia situation too different from. Our peoples many time best, then Poland or France peoples. History determinate this.
In war have may other reasons have. I can not write so my english not good.
For example I can say, that France can not war total without help. France peoples not have intiative, poor training and other. I really see it in my database submarine attacks during wars. France soldiers iss poorly in world. Now single good "enemy" in Europe is Germane. Other countryes in Europe not enemy for us.
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