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Message Subject Reserve military of Poland, Czech Republic and other European countries beeng called in
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Denis, relax. BTW I come from Poland.

I don't hate Russian people. Russian goverments Carat/Bolsheviks was our enemy as was yours. BUT there was peoples which followed orders and some of them really liked that.

Regarding russsian history, it wasn't easy for your people but you had great deal of luck being east most european country. Due to this reason you managed to form great inland empire. But there was time when we paid you a visit like in 1610 or 1812, do you see a trend? Ooo new visit is coming ;) Anyway, it could be our fate to be east most european country and you would be talking Polish ;) Truth is Russia is much serious contry then Poland, now but don't take it for granted.
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