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Message Subject How to get over a soul connection, when they are already dating someone else? (Soul Connection Experience Preferred)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Maybe you know each other from a previous lifetime... Doesn't necessarily mean you were 'lovers' but could have had some type of affiliation in a past life and this familiarity could create the seemingly unique connection that you feel towards him.

From an outsider's perspective, if he wants to pursue you in a romantic way he should break up with his GF on his own accord and not from any influence/meddling on your part. If this doesn't happen then he may not feel the same way towards you as you are feeling towards him, or he may not know what he wants or the timing is simply off and you should prepare yourself to move on. I've found any time I let my emotions get the better of me and I tried to pursue circumstances I thought were 'right', it led to heartache. It other words I let my emotions/impulses override my better sense of judgement and objectivity.

Just try and be yourself and don't have expectations as to what will come to be, and mentally prepare yourself to be able to 'move on' from these circumstances. What will be, will be. Fact is you don't need anyone else to complete you or make you feel whole but we often go through a stretch of life in which we feel that way.


I guess I wanted it so bad, the way he seemed attracted to me, I just wasn't ready to find out he already had someone. Trying to move on has been one of the biggest challenges. And I noticed with these soul connection stories, 90% of them never got with the person. It's so rather painful to think of that.....to have them dangled in front of you, and there's really no chance.

This website has too many stories... [link to patski.hubpages.com]

I never believed in this...thought it was all crap, until it has happened to me. I honestly didn't believe in love until he showed me somebody could like me. I was too scared to show it back....
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