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Message Subject How to get over a soul connection, when they are already dating someone else? (Soul Connection Experience Preferred)
Poster Handle mk ultra
Post Content
I am almost 30, never have got the guy I liked. The people who like me and the ones I like never equaled out.

I felt like there was an instant click, shook me to my core. I found the term "soul connection", and all the stories dealing with it. It is spot on how I feel. I have never felt so sad and happy at the same time. I noticed he felt the same, I could see it in his eyes.

Meeting him changed my life. He made me feel good about myself, like someone could love me. He complimented me, smiled at me, and always stared at me. I never felt so intense with someone through their eyes. It brings me such sadness, knowing nothing probably will come of it.

I found out he's been in a relationship the entire time. If he felt the same, he would of probably broke it up. I never let on that I liked him. I just would stare back. I stopped talking to him, since I feel it is wrong. Am I a moron?

People with soul connections, you know how rare they are. It's real, it's something I never saw coming. I can remember to exact detail what he was wearing when I first met him. His face always lit up when he saw me. But he's with someone. Everyone sees them together says they look awkward, and she seems to be the one in control. Not that it matters...

How do I move on? I have to see him everynow and then at work. Even though we don't talk, my co workers say he still looks over at me all the time, and stares. That breaks my heart.

Everyone thinks I'm over him, but I am not. I try my best, but every guy I met doesn't measure up.

Please, I have prayed to God, my friends are all so sick of hearing about this shit. They all say SNAP OUT OF IT...so I have kept it inside for the last 2 months, and it's eating me up. My one co worker, who is an angel, who actually had a dream me and him were together walking by water, as boyfriend and girlfriend, sees how I try my best to avoid him, but I am still drawn to him like a magnet. Do I have no self control?

Be as blunt and mean in response, I need to really snap out of it.....

Thank you for listening....I feel like a crazy person....rant
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24512322

it sounds more like infatuation or lust.

Soul mates or soul connections are fancy terms that movies are made.

True love is what you should seek out and in order to find this, you mut first truly love yourself. Respect yourself. True love is not for everyone, as it entails a life of action. Love is an action word, not a sideline game of catching a soul mate.
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